Bridesmaids Custom Apparel Gift Ideas 

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It is every girl’s dream to have her bestfriends standing beside her on the biggest day of her life. While being a bridesmaid is an exciting honor, it is also a huge commitment. From attending the wedding and rehearsal to planning the bachelorette party, being a bridesmaid isn’t always the easiest. 


Planning a wedding is difficult, but thinking of the perfect gift for the ones who have shown you love and support through the process can be more difficult. What better way to show your girls that you appreciate them than custom apparel. This could include custom shirts, robes, pajama sets, flannels, or hats that say each girl's name or details about your wedding. 


Custom apparel is a great way to personalize your gift while not breaking the bank. Here are some ideas & design ideas for your bridesmaids custom apparel:


Use your wedding details as a great shirt design. This would also be the perfect shirt to wear while getting ready so your photos are cohesive and have a personal touch!



If you are having a rustic wedding then a flannel may be the perfect choice for you! Add your bridesmaids name as well as title under it for a cute pocket design.




Custom shorts with plain shirts could also be a great idea for get-ready photos. You could gift these adorable custom shorts to your girls the morning of your wedding.



Custom apparel is a great gift that your bridesmaids will keep using even after the wedding. To start your own custom design today visit: 


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