How to Properly Get Rid of Clothing You No Longer Need 

Wildheart Designs 


While we love and cherish our custom clothing here at Wildheart Designs, we recognize that even the highest quality of clothing ages and has to go so you can make room for new clothes. When that day comes we want to make sure that you know exactly how to get rid of clothing you no longer need or want.


Sell Them

If your clothing is still in good shape, you can consider selling them for a little extra cash. You can find a local shop in your area that takes used clothing and bring it in to be evaluated. If you prefer a more digital approach you can try online clothing sellers like Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, ThredUp, Tradesy, eBay, and more.

Re-purpose Them

If your clothing is completely worn out and there is no possibility of even giving them away, then consider repurposing them. Turn that old cotton tee into a cleaning rag. Cotton material is great for dusting, scrubbing, and wiping down household items. You can also buff your coffee table with a holey cashmere sweater. If you need more ideas do a simple google search for “repurposing clothing” and you’ll have all the inspiration you need.

Donate Them

Donate your clothing to a thrift store that will put the profits to a good cause. Thrift stores run by charitable organizations typically provide the only way the homeless and other disadvantaged people can afford clothes. There are also certain donation spots that will actually take your super old clothing and get them recycled for you.

Hand Them Down

One person's old clothes is another person's treasure. Find a friend, cousin, or neighbor who is interested in your old clothes. Just because you won't wear them anymore doesn't mean they should go to waste.

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