The importance of color in design

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Did you know that the first color babies ever see is red? Crazy, right? I'm sure you've noticed by now by our logo and graphics that we love color here at Wildheart Designs. Color actually plays an instumental role in design. When designing your customizable products, here are some things to think about when it comes to color:


Different colors evoke different emotions.

Do you ever feel anxious when you see red? Or a sense of calmness when you see blue? Well this is because of color psychology. Color psychology is the idea that color can be a tool to influence someone’s mood, perception, and desired action. Warm colors, such as red, orange, and yellow can evoke emotions ranging from comfort and happiness to anger and irritation. On the other hand, cool colors, such as blues, purples, and greens often resonate with feelings of calmness or sadness. When choosing colors for your apparel, it is important to consider the effect of the colors chosen in the design.


Colors can even play tricks on your mind.

Do you remember #TheDress trend back in 2015? Yes, the one where half of the world thought the dress was black and blue and the other half thought it was gold and white. Well, this phenomenon occured because of lighting. Your brain implements what color context you see based on lighting. Different people have different perceptions of color based on circumstances. When context varies, so will an individual's perception. All in all, color can be a crazy thing!


You’re more likely to forget something when it’s in black and white.

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between color and memory? Psychologists have discovered that colors can enhance memory. Color helps us memorize specific information by increasing our attention level. This is why color is such a powerful tool when it comes to creating a brand logo or a company t-shirt. Think about adding some pops of color to your next customizable apparel.


Men and women see red differently.

Have you ever gotten into a full-blown argument about whether or not something is pink or red? According to behavioral neuroscientist Israel Abramov, there are three dimensions of how we visualize color: saturation, hue, and brightness. After a study asking men and women to break down the hue of a color, the results showed that women were more apt to differentiating subtle gradations than men were. So, next time you get into a conversation about whether something is pink or red, keep this in mind. 


62-90% of a first impression is due to colors.

First impressions are everything– especially with apparel. People typically form an initial opinion about a product in 7 seconds. Color plays a huge role in making a good or bad first impression. Since psychology plays a role in color, it is important to understand what colors evoke specific emotions. Here is a brief synopsis of the emotions associated with color:

Yellow- happiness, spontaneity, laugher, hope, energetic 

Blue- peace, control, secure, reliable, orderly, sadness

Green- growth, clarity, prosperity, nature, tranquility, jealousy, disgust

Orange- warmth, optimism, social, freedom, extrovert, enthusiasm

Red- passionate, bold, energetic, power, anger, danger

Pink- love, warmth, calmness, respect, femininity, kindness

Purple- trust, sincere, peace, confidence, wealthy, luxurious, mysterious

Now that you have an overview of the emotions tied to color, you can pick the appropriate colors for your design based on their intent!


Blue is the world’s favorite color.

Is your favorite color blue? Well, if so, then join the majority of the world. The color blue is universally liked regardless of gender, geography or political affiliation. This is because most things that are associated with blue are positive; therefore, when people see blue, they automatically associate positively with it. Next time you are designing a team jersey or a company shirt, think about adding some blue into your design. 


If you’re ready to create a bold and colorful design, then visit our website and contact us today about how we can help make your creative vision into a reality!





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